FAQ Your Questions Answered.


Your prisms ID or SIS ID is the 4-digit ID you are using when you upload your grade in the enrollment system. For the new faculty, your prisms ID or SIS ID is your CMU employee ID No.

Your Prisms ID or SIS ID must be valid. Your firstname and lastname Information must be valid too. If you cant really verify your information you can ask assistance from FES Team/MIS personnel.
You can reset your password provided that your email address is valid. Go to Login page and click the "Forgot Password" and input your email address. Then open your email and click the reset link from FES reset message.
Your account is already registered! You can go to login page ang click the Forgot Password. But if you forgot your email too. You can inquire FES Team to assist you.


To register you must know your Student ID and O.R. No. or Registration No. from the current semester to verify and validate your information. And if you are verified you can now proceed to registration process by registering your VALID Email address and password.

You can reset your password by going to login page by click "forgot password" and input your valid email address (the email address you registered) then open your email address and click the Reset password link. And input your password.
If you forgot your 'Email Address' you can't reset your password. You can ask help from FES Team or to the assigned personnel of MIS office to get your email address.
You can find your Registration No. from your COR at the upper right corner. And you can get you O.R. No. from your Official Receipt for the current semester. You can inquire from FES Team or the assigned personnel of MIS office if you really forgot or don't know how to get your 'Registration No.' or 'O.R. No.'.


Faculty can self evaluate him/her self


Student can evaluate specific faculty


Supervisor can evaluate his/her subordernate


Faculty can evaluate his/her co-faculty